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Real Name Peter Quill
Starting Attributes
Final Attributes
Defensive Statistics (Level 1-60)
Offensive Statistics (Level 1-60)

Price(G)  ??
Price(ES)  ??
Costume Core  ??

The son of an Earth woman and the Emperor of Spartax, Peter Quill has spent most of his life living in the stars. Peter took up his father’s Element Gun and traveled the galaxy as the Star-Lord - galactic hero and pilot of a sentient vessel known as “Ship”. After a traumatic incident involving Galactus’ herald The Fallen One, Peter gave up the mantle of Star-Lord (and was imprisoned in the Kyln) until Nova called upon him to assist against the Annihilation Wave. Since winning the war against Annihilus, Peter Quill once again travels the stars, this time as the leader of the team known as the Guardians of the Galaxy.

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