Armor of Invincibility

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Armor of Invincibility
Unique — Loki

+574 defense

+376 health
+1 Durability
4% chance when you are hit to become invulnerable for 3 seconds [25 second cooldown]
2% chance when you hit to become imbued with Asgardian Vigor, gaining 326 damage rating and 2044 defense for 10 seconds [1 minute cooldown]
+2 to current rank of all Loki's 'Son of Jotunheim' powers
+3 to current rank of Arcane Shield

This armor - though is saved my life, I remember it as a
prison for my very spirit.
-Loki Laufeyson

Binds when equipped!
Not tradeable
Sell Price: 169 Credits Level required: 20

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