Blob and Toad Medal

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Blob Medal
Medal of Victory

(10-20)% chance to slow the target for 5 seconds when you hit
While above 95% health, gain (640-924.4) physical defense

They aren't the sharpest tools in the shed, but when
they work together Blob and Toad make a formidable

Binds When Equippped
Not Tradeable
Sell Price: (34-41) Credits Level required: (13-23)
  • Acquired in Chapter 6: Boss event (Trainning Camp)
  • Acquired in Purple Terminal: (Midtown Patrol)
  • See Blob
Blob Medallion
Medallion of Victory

>(13-21)% chance to reduce enemy Move Speed by 20% for 5s when you hit
While above 80% health, gain (960-2026.7) Physical Defense Rating
(1-2)% chance to ignore damage when attacked
+(78-152) Tenacity
+(210-526) Damage Rating vs. enemies targeting you
+(303-1220) Health

+1 to current rank of all powers

Just cause I grew up in a carnival doesn't make me a freak.

Binds When Equippped
Not Tradeable, Not Droppable
Sell Price: 68 Credits Level required: (24-55)
  • Acquired in Green/Red Terminal: (Castle Doom)
  • Acquired in Chapter 6: Boss event (Trainning Camp)

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