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Bullseye is quite a difficult villain to battle in this game. He follows you around and throws three knives to inflict damage. He can be found on the Police Rooftop at the Upper East Side (Chapter 4) and the Fisk Tower (Chapter 4).

His most potent move is the One Knife Throw. When you see the "Take Cover" target on your character, quickly move out of range or seek cover from behind an object. Bullseye does not move from his position so you do not have to worry about him following you. This Bullseye move is a one-hit kill so be sure to avoid being hit by this knife. Blocking moves can take a direct hit without being killed (e.g. Colossus' block) but you will still sustain significant damage. Beating Bullseye:

It is extremely difficult to defeat Bullseye if you are using a tank character (e.g. Colossus, Thing, Hulk). This is because such characters are likely to be slow and vulnerable to Bullseye's One Knife Throw. They are also unlikely to have some effective range move. The best way to beat Bullseye is to employ a "hit and run" tactic. Stock up on a lot of Med Kits. If necessary, exit the rooftop to replenish your health and/or supply of Med Kits.

Ranged characters (or characters with ranged attacks e.g. Daredevil, Captain America, etc) have an easier task of employing the hit and run move. Most of these characters will also have some "rolling" move. This is extremely important and when employed correctly, you can beat Bullseye without too much trouble. When Bullseye is in place for his One Knife Throw, take the opportunity to get in a few shots before taking cover.


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