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Marvel Heroes is an action role-playing game, with point-and-click gameplay. The combat is similar to that of games like Diablo 3 and Torchlight.

Players take on the roles of superheroes in the Marvel Universe. Each hero has three Power trees, where they place points to unlock and upgrade their skills. Powers can range from basic (which use no spirit), Fighting (must be activated), or Passive (always on). Players use these powers to defeat enemies and bosses.

A player can have up to 8 Powers on their hotbar (1 Left Mouse Button, 1 Right Mouse Button, 6 Keyboard). In addition, players may switch out their RMB power by "quick-slotting" up to six abilities, using the Function keys (F1-F6). Players can also place certain consumables and special artifacts into their hotbar, for quick use.

By defeating enemies, heroes gain experience points, and can level up to a max level of 60. Every level, a hero gains two points to place into their Powers and increase their effectiveness.