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Real Name Scott Summers
Team X-Men
Voiced By Scott Porter
Starting Attributes
Final Attributes
Defensive Statistics (Level 1-60)
Health 300
Spirit 100
Defense 0
Physical Defense 0
Energy Defense 0
Mental Defense 0
Dodge Rating 0+0%
Tenacity 250
Offensive Statistics (Level 1-60)
Attack Speed +1%
Critical Rating 0%
Critical Damage 150%+0

Professor Charles Xavier rescued young Scott Summers from a life as a homeless young orphan, recruiting him to be the first member of his new team: the X-Men. Xavier trained Summers to use his mutant optic blast, as well as to lead the other X-Men in the field.

Scott has endured great hardships during his years with the X-Men, from an ongoing rivalry with the savage Wolverine to the seeming death of his girlfriend Jean Grey. Through it all, however, he has endured as a shining example of heroism and leadership among mutantkind.

WIKI EDITOR NOTE: CHARACTER HAS NOT YET RECEIVED HIS LEVEL 52 UPDATE/REVIEW. As such, this information is very likely outdated. Page will be updated after character's scheduled level 52 Review.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Statistics for rank 1 skills.

Icon Name Type Description Unlock Level Damage type Damage Attack Speed Effect Spirit Cost
Optic Blast Basic Power Shoot an optic beam that damages the first enemy in its path. 1 Energy 19-44 2.5
Cunning Blast Leap away from combat, firing an optic beam that slows an enemy. 3 Energ 45-107 Slow: 20.0% move/attack speed
Slow Duration: 5 seconds
Optic Barrage Hold down the hotkey to fire a continuous barrage of optic beams. 6 Energy 11-17 6.7 3
Richochet Blast Basic Power Fire an optic beam that strikes multiple nearby enemies. 10 Energy 27-40 1.8 Maximum Bounces: 3
Deals 2% extra damage for each rank in Optic Blast
Wide Beam Unleash a wide optic beam that damages enemies in front of you. 2 Energy 73-172 2 15
Piercing Blast Basic Power Shoot a potent optic beam that damages all enemies in its path. 20 Energy 52-122 2.5 Deals 35% of the damage from Optic Blast
Channeled Blast Area Power Hold down the hotkey to unleash a destructive optic beam. 24 Energy 169-396 per second Recurring Spirit Cost: 10 per second 25
Focused Blast Basic Power Fire a concentrated optic beam that slows and knocks back the first enemy in its path. 28 Energy 13-30 2 Slow: 40.0%
Slow Duration: 2 seconds
Deals 65% of the damage from Optic Blast
Maximum Optic Blast Hold down the hotkey to charge up and then release an intense optic beam that damages enemies in a large cone. 30 Energy 165-663 per second charged 30
Icon Name Type Description Unlock Level Damage type Damage Attack Speed Effect Spirit Cost
Trained Punch Melee, Basic Power Strike and enemy in front of you. 1 Physical 44-66 2
Side Roll Melee Roll to the right, dodging attacks while you move. 2 +20% Dodge 10
Tactical Kick Melee Knock back enemies in front of you with a strong kick. 8 Physical 118-177 1.1 10
Combat Roll Melee Roll away from combat, damaging enemies in your path. 14 Physical 118-177 15
Sweeping Kick Melee Kick the legs out from under your enemies, knocking them into the air. 18 Physical 160-240 1.3 15
Uncanny Focus Passive Your keen concentration restores your spirit more quickly. 26 Restore 2 Spirit per second
Icon Name Type Description Unlock Level Effect Spirit Cost
Team Leader Passive Your nearby teammates gain experience points more quickly. 1 Bonus XP: +3 experience, up to 10% of defeated enemy's XP.
Tactical Edge Area Power Pinpoint the weaknesses of nearby enemies, rendering them vulnerable to attack.
Spend a command point to increase the effect and duration.
4 -9 defense
Duration: 10 seconds
Defensive Tactician Passive Your superior tactics allow you and your teammates to dodge attacks made by enemies affected by Tactical Command. 10
Strategic Renewal Use this power when the last nearby enemy has been defeated to allow your nearby teammates to regain spirit more quickly. 12 Restore 45 Spirit over 10 seconds
Rallying Command Free yourself and nearby teammates from negative conditions.
Spend a command point to also grant brief immunity to negative conditions.
20 Duration: 3 seconds 30
Veteran Command Deliver an inspiring command that briefly reduces the spirit cost of powers for you and nearby teammates. 22 Change to Spirit Costs: -20%
Buff Duration: 5 seconds

Gear[edit | edit source]

Costumes[edit | edit source]

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