Ghost Rider

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Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider.png
Real Name Johnny Blaze
Voiced By Mitch Urban
Starting Attributes
Final Attributes
Defensive Statistics (Level 1-60)
Health 0-0
Spirit 0-0
Health Regen 0/min - 0/min
Spirit Regen 0/min - 0/min
Defense 0 - 0
Physical Defense 0 - 0
Energy Defense 0 - 0
Mental Defense 0 - 0
Dodge Rating 0 - 0
Tenacity 0 - 0
Projectile Deflect 0%
Move Speed 0 - 0
Offensive Statistics (Level 1-60)
Attack Speed 1% - 0%
Critical Rating 0 - 0
Critical Damage 150% - 0%
Brutal Strike Rating 0 - 0
Brutal Damage 300% - 0%
Damage Rating 0 - 0
Damage Bonus 0 - 0%
Phys Damage Rating 0 - 0
Phys Damage Bonus 0 - 0%
Energy Damage Rating 0 - 0
Energy Damage Bonus 0 - 0%
Mental Damage Rating 0 - 0
Mental Damage Bonus 0 - 0%
Melee Damage Rating 0 - 0
Melee Damage Bonus 0
Ranged D. Rating 0
Ranged D. Bonus 0
Power Dura 0

Raised in a carnival by stunt men, Johnny Blaze was born to ride. When his mentor revealed that he was dying of cancer, Blaze made a deal with the demon Mephisto to save the man's life. Blaze's infernal contract bound his soul to the demon Zarathos and cursed him to become the Ghost Rider, a Spirit of Vengeance who rides the night and punishes the wicked. Throughout the years, Blaze has found himself battling his inner demon almost as often as his countless supernatural enemies.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Statistics for rank 1 skills.

Icon Name Type Description Unlock Level Damage type Damage Attack Speed Effect Spirit Cost
ChainTrash.png Chain Trash Basic Power, Melee Power Hit with chains. Restores health if enemy is ablazed in hellfire. 1 Physical 1638-2457
ChainSnare.png Chain Snare Ranged Power, Area Power Immobilize, Strangle and Burn a group of enemies 6 Physical 720 x2 per second 20
Condemn.png Condemn Ranged Power Drag an enemy to your boot using the chain. 8 Physical 2756-4134 25
Judgement.png Judgement Melee Power, Area Power Call chains of fire from hell to strike enemies. 12 Physical 6677-10016 15
WhirlingChain.png Whirling Chain Melee Power, Area Power Hold hotkey to swing infernal chain over your head. 16 Physical 1299-1499 10
ChainLash.png Chain Lash Basic Power, Melee Power Fling Enourmous chains for great damage 24 Physical Damage 1014-1521
ChainAblaze.png Chains Ablaze Passive Power Consume Hellfire through your chains to restore spirit. 32
Flay.png Flay Ranged Power, Area Power Shoot a shockwave through the ground using your chains. 37 Physical Damage 3622-5433 15
Icon Name Type Description Unlock Level Damage type Damage Attack Speed Effect Spirit Cost
Hellfire.png Hellfire Basic Power, Ranged Power, Area Power Hurl an exploding ball of hellfire. 1 Mental 929-1394 1.7 per second
Inferno.png Inferno Ranged Power, Area Power Ignite Area with hellfire 4 Mental 824 x2 per second 20
InfernalSkull.png Infernal Skull Ranged Power Throw exploding skull of fire. 10 Mental 1977-2966 10
ProtectInnocent.png Protect The Innocent Passive Power User and allies regenerate health. 18
PenanceStare.png Penance Stare Ranged Power Cause great mental damage to enemies in front. 30 Mental 8250 x4 per second 25
Damnation.png Damnation Ranged Power, Area Power 42 Mental 2319 x2 per second. 15 per second
Icon Name Type Description Unlock Level Damage type Damage Attack Speed Effect Spirit Cost
Wheelie.png Wheelie Melee Power, Movement Power, Vengeance Power Rampage with bike in a straight line dealing damage and setting fire. 1 Mental 2526-3789 1.7 per second 15
SpiritOfVengeance.png Spirit Of Vengeance Passive Power Deal more damage the less health you have. 1 Mental
BurnTheTreads.png Burn The Treads Ranged Power, Vengeance Power Charge bike and let it ram into enemies leaving hellfire trail. 2 Mental 2839-4259 10
InfernalContract.png Infernal Contract Vengeance Power Regen health on passive mode. Increase brutal and critical rating on active mode. 14
Ride.png Ride Movement Power, Vengeance Power Drive your bike around, leaving a trail of hellfire. 22 Mental 703 x2 per second 10 per second
Dread.png Dread Area Power, Vengeance Power Become immune for some seconds. 26 Mental 2319 x2 per second. Inflicts cowering on nearby enemies. 15 per second
HellFromAbove.png Hell From Above Melee power, Area power, Vengeance power. Dive into the ground with bike. Burns and knocks enemies out. 47 Mental 7650-11475 20

Gear[edit | edit source]

Costumes[edit | edit source]

Ghost rider modern.png Ghost rider original.png Ghost rider f4.png Ghost rider alejandra.png
Modern Original What If? Fantastic Four Enhanced Alejandra Blaze

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