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Real Name Bruce Banner
Team Avengers
Voiced By Fred Tatasciore
Starting Attributes
Final Attributes
Defensive Statistics (Level 1-60)
Health 400
Spirit 100
Defense 0
Physical Defense 0
Energy Defense 0
Mental Defense 0
Dodge Rating 0+0%
Tenacity 250
Offensive Statistics (Level 1-60)
Attack Speed +1%
Critical Rating 0
Critical Damage 150%+0

Bruce Banner worked as a scientist on the gamma bomb project when he heroically saved a young man from exposure to a nuclear blast. Unfortunately, the exposure to gamma radiation changed Banner's cell structure, causing him to transform into a raging green monster (known as the Hulk) when he became angry.

Over the years, the Hulk has acted as hero, villain, or pure destructive force depending on his state of mind.

Through it all, Banner continues to search for a cure that would end his deadly rampages. One day he will be normal.

WIKI EDITOR NOTE: CHARACTER HAS NOT YET RECEIVED HIS LEVEL 52 UPDATE/REVIEW. As such, this information is very likely outdated. Page will be updated after character's scheduled level 52 Review.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Statistics for rank 1 skills at level 60

Violence (as of 2.14)
Icon Name Type Description Unlock Level Attack Speed Effects Spirit Cost
Hulk - Furious Punch.png Furious Punch

Melee Basic Physical

Swing your big green fist at enemies in front of you, getting angrier as you attack. 1 1.8
  • Physical Damage: 2668-4001
  • Gain additional anger with each hit.
Hulk - Ground Smash.png Ground Smash

Melee Area

Slam the ground with your fists, knocking down nearby enemies. 1 1.1
  • Physical Damage: 5115-7672
  • Knockdown Duration: 1.2 seconds
Hulk - Vicious Headbutt.png Vicious Headbutt

Melee Fighting

Smash your forehead into an enemy, knocking down that foe. 3 1.1
  • Physical Damage: 6809-10123
  • Knockdown Duration: 2 seconds
Hulk - Thunderous Handclap.png Thunderous Handclap Area Clap your hands to create a shockwave that knocks back you enemies and deflects projectiles in front of you. 8 1.2
  • Physical Damage: 4063-6094
Hulk - Brutal Swing.png Brutal Swing

Melee Basic Fighting

Channel your inner rage into a mighty punch, hitting with more velocity if you are angry 10 1.8
  • Physical Damage: 2724-4086
  • Damage: +20% if you are at maximum anger.
Hulk - Mighty Smash.png Mighty Smash

Melee Fighting

Create a localized quake with your mighty fists 14 1.1
  • Physical Damage: 6130-9195
  • Base Damage: +75 to knocked down enemies.
Hulk - Savage Swing.png Savage Swing

Melee Basic Fighting

Unleash a punch that slows the enemies it hits. 20 1.9
  • Physical Damage: 2838-4257
  • Slow: -10% attack/move speed for 5 seconds.
Hulk - Gamma Strike.png Gamma Strike

Melee Fighting

Unleash a vicious haymaker, devastating enemies. 30 1
  • Physical Damage: 4427-6641
  • Damage: +20% if you are at maximum anger
Rancor (as of 2.14)
Icon Name Type Description Unlock Level Attack Speed Effects Spirit Cost
Hulk - Hulk Tough.png Hulk Tough Passive Your gamma-fueled body allows you to resist damage. 1
  • Health Increase: +7.5%
  • Maximum Health: +525
  • Regenerate 70 health per second
  • Defense Rating: +240
  • Effects are doubled when at maximum anger.
Hulk - Unbridled Rampage.png Unbridled Rampage When angry, you may enter a state of frenzied devastation, shrugging off attacks and decimating enemies. Requires maximum anger to activate. Cooldown: 16 seconds. 2
  • Immune to crowd control
  • Damage Rating: +480
  • Defense Rating: +480
  • Buff Duration: 8 seconds
Hulk - Mighty Roar.png Mighty Roar

Ranged Area

Unleash a powerful bellow that taunts enemies to you and decreases the damage they deal. 10
  • Weaken: Enemy deals 10% less damage for 4 seconds
  • Taunt Duration: 4 seconds
Hulk - Hulk Mad.png Hulk Fast Passive Your gamma radiated muscles allow you to move at speeds otherwise impossible for a being of your mass and size. 16
  • Attack & Move Speed: +2.5%
  • Spirit Cost Reduction: 3%
  • Tenacity: +204
  • Effects are doubled when at maximum anger
Hulk - Get Angry!.png Get Angry They wouldn't like you when you're angry. 24
  • Generate 20 Anger
  • Anger generating effects are doubled for 5 seconds
  • Regenerate 4% maximum health per second
Hulk - Hulk Mad.png Hulk Mad Passive Your gamma-powered temper allows you to inflict more damage with your blows. 26
  • Damage Rating: +240
  • Critical Rating: +240
  • Critical Damage Rating: +240
  • Effects are doubled when at maximum anger
Hulk - Terrible Roar.png Terrible Roar

Ranged Area

Damage enemies with a terrifying bellow, making them more vulnerable to damage. 28 1.4
  • Physical Damage: 962-1443
  • Vulnerability: Enemy takes 10% extra damage for 4 seconds
Wreckage (as of 2.14)
Icon Name Type Description Unlock Level Attack Speed Effects Spirit Cost
Hulk - Demolishing Charge.png Demolishing Charge

Melee Movement

Charge into a group of enemies, knocking them off balance. 1 1.1
  • Physical Damage: 4849-7274
  • Knockdown Duration: ?
Hulk - Crushing Leap.png Crushing Leap

Melee Movement Area Leap

Leap into the air, knocking down nearby enemies when you land. 4 1.1
  • Physical Damage: 2955-4432
Hulk - Hulk Free.png Hulk Free Your gamma-enhanced constitution allows you to shake off and become resistant to negative conditions. 8 1.2
  • Crowd Control Immunity Duration: 1.5 seconds
Hulk - Earthquake Leap.png Earthquake Leap

Ranged Leap Area

Leap up and land in place, pulling nearby enemies in and then knocking them down when you land. 12
  • Physical Damage: 10437 - 15655
  • Knockdown Duration: 1.4 seconds
  • Cooldown: 2 seconds
Hulk - Rubble Toss.png Rubble Toss

Ranged Area Fighting

Throw a chunk of debris that bursts into shrapnel, stunning enemies. 18 1.0
  • Physical Damage: 11661 - 17491
  • Stun Duration: 1.3 seconds
Hulk - Avalanche Leap.png Avalanche Leap

Melee Area Leap

Leap to a location, causing enemies near your landing site to be crushed as the ground ruptures underneath them. 24
  • Physical Damage: 8960 - 13440
  • Tremor Damage: 1777 twice per second
  • Tremor Duration: 8 seconds

Gear[edit | edit source]

Costumes[edit | edit source]

Hulk classic.png Hulk gray skin.png Hulk mr fixit.png Hulk avengers.png Hulk horseman.png
Classic Gray Skin Mr. Fixit Avengers Movie Horseman of Apocalypse
Hulk planet hulk.png Hulk maestro.png Hulk 2099.png Hulk holiday.png Hulk now.png
Planet Hulk Maestro 2099 Holiday Marvel NOW!
Hulk revengers.png

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