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Mr. Fantastic
Mr. Fantastic.png
Real Name Reed Richards
Team Fantastic Four
Starting Attributes
Final Attributes
Defensive Statistics (Level 1-60)
Offensive Statistics (Level 1-60)
Price(G) ???
Price(ES) ???
Costume Core ???

A member of the Fantastic Four, Reed Richards received the powers of amazing elasticity after being bathed in cosmic rays. He uses his ability to stretch his body seemingly infinite lengths to form giant fists, shrug off attacks, and form various shapes to traverse the environment. In addition to his super powers, he also possesses incredible intellect, capable of creating and wielding amazing inventions that have saved the universe countless times.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Skills are level 1 stats

Elastic Fists
Icon Name Type Description Unlock Level Damage type Damage Rate of Fire Effect Spirit Cost
Elasti-punch.png Elasti-punch Basic, Melee Sling out punches stretched across a long distance, damaging enemies in their path. 1 Physical ?? 2.4
Stretch dash.png Stretch Dash Melee, Movement Lunge ahead by stretching your entire body, KNOCKING DOWN and damaging enemies in your way. 1 Physical ?? Knockdown Duration: 1.2s 12.3
Giant punch.png Giant Punch Melee Slam your massively enlarged fist into unfortunate enemies. ?? Physical ?? Cooldown: 5s Deals an additional 10% damage per stack of Outwit you currently have. 12.7
Fantastic grab.png Fantastic Grab Melee Seize enemies in an area in front of you with your stretched arms, WEAKENING them. ?? Physical ?? 1.6 Weaken: Enemy deals 10% less damage for 6s 16.9
Stretch punch.png Stretch Punch Melee Swing your enlarged fists in wide arcs, crushing even the strongest of foes. ?? Physical ?? 2.0 Deals 40% extra damage to elites and bosses 8.5
Elastic barrage.png Elastic Barrage Melee, Area Unleash a blur of elastic punches that pelt enemies in front of you, SLOWING their movement. ?? Physical 930 four times per second Slow: -40% move speed 12.7 per second
Corkscrew puch.png Corkscrew Punch Melee, Area Tightly coil your body around itself, then suddenly release the coil to fling your fists out, pummeling and KNOCKING DOWN nearby enemies. 37 Physical 3,238-4.856 Damage: +100% if fully charged
Knockdown Duration: 1.2s
Icon Name Type Description Unlock Level Damage type Damage Rate of Fire Effect Spirit Cost
Inflate.png Inflate Melee, Area Rapidly expand your body, rejuvenating yourself and slamming into nearby enemies with the elastic force. Enemies and projectiles are KNOCKED BACK during inflation. 1 Physical ?? Cooldown: 10s Regenerate 503 Health
Restore 32 Spirit
Elastic body.png Elastic Body Passive+ Your body is so elastic and resilient that bullets and blows alike often bounce off harmlessly. Your uncanny capacity for contortion allows you to escape and become immune to negative status effects at will. ?? Crowd Control Immunity:2.7s

Cooldown: 12.9s
Passive: Defense Rating: +?

Passive: Dodge Rating: +?
Projectile Reflection Chance: ?%

Projectile Deflection Chance: ?%
The wheel.png The Wheel Movement Hold down the hotkey to morph into a wheel and travel rapidly. ?? 7.9 per second
Super stomp.png Super Stomp Melee, Area Spring into the air, KNOCKING DOWN and crushing enemies you land on. ?? Physical ?? Cooldown: 6s Knockdown Duration: 1.2s 16.9
Spectacular spheroid.png Spectacular Spheroid Signature, Melee, Area, Movement Bound around the batlefield as a giant elastic sphere, KNOCKING UP and damaging enemies with each bounce. 30 Physical ?? Cooldown: 45s Can be activated up to 5 times within 15s

Max Damage Ignored: 30%

Immune to Crowd Control
The twister.png The Twister Melee, Area Rapidly twirl your outstretched arms, slamming into enemies as you pass. ?? Physical ?? Twice Per Second 12.7 per second
Super Genius
Icon Name Type Description Unlock Level Damage type Damage Rate of Fire Effect Spirit Cost
Outwit.png Outwit Passive+ Yours is one of the finest minds ever to evolve. Combine that with an iron will and you can solve any problem that presents itself. 1 Refresh the cooldowns of all other powers Cooldown: 1m Critical Rating: +?

Damage Rating: +?
Your attacks deal 10% more damage for 6s after using a cooldown power (stacks up to 3 times)

Reduce the cooldown of all powers by 1s when you critically hit or brutally strike (up to once per second)
Photonic stimulant field.png Photonic Stimulant Field Aura, Area Activate to use a gadget that enhances the latent energy fields of you and your allies, increasing your combat capabilities. Your critical hits and brutal strikes have a chance to cause addition damage. Activating another AURA POWER ends this effect. ?? 20% chance to deal 397-595 when you deliver a critical or brutal strike You and your allies gain ACCURACY, increasing Critical Rating by 174 and Critical Damage Rating by 348 Max Spirit Reduction: 40
Repulsion Field Array.png Repulsion Field Array Aura, Area Activate to use a gadget that creates a protective repulsion field which envelopes you and nearby allies. The field is strong enough that enemies who attack you may be struck be additional damage. Activating another AURA POWER ends this effect. ?? 20% chance to deal 566-849 to your attacker when struck You and your allies gain TOUGHNESS, increasing Defense Rating by 406 and maximum health by 538 Max Spirit Reduction: 40
HERBIE assistant.png HERBIE Assistant Summon Call in a multi-functional H.E.R.B.I.E. bot to protect its creator, hinder enemies, and heal your allies. ?? Damage Negated: 10%

Stun Duration: 1.1s

You and your allies gain CONSTITUTION, restoring 107.7 Health per second
Hyperstatic inducer.png Hyperstatic Inducer Ranged, Area Throw a gadget that creates a massive eruption around the first enemy struck, STUNNING and damaging nearby enemies with a wave of force. 32 Physical ?? twice per second Cooldown: 5s Stun Duration: 2s

Area Duration: 5s
Positron emitter.png Positron Emitter Ranged After setting up an ingenious plan, unleash an invention that continually generates a torrential stream of force, battering enemies hit by the blast. 47 Physical ?? twice per second Channel Time: 2.1s Requires 3 stacks of Outwit to activate and consumes those stacks on activation while retaining the bonus. 34.7 per second
Icon Name Type Description Unlock Level Damage type Damage Rate of Fire Effect
The fantastic four.png The Fantastic Four Melee, Area Coordinate with the other members of the Fantastic Four to take out any threat, big or small. 52 Energy, Physical Johnny's Energy Damage: 19,790 twice per second

Ben's Physical Damage: 38,693 twice per second
Cooldown: 10m Sue's Invulnerability Shield Duration: 8s

Gear[edit | edit source]

Costumes[edit | edit source]

MrFantastic Classic.png MrFantastic FF.png Mr fantastic inverted ff.png
Classic Future Foundation Inverted Future Foundation

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