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Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel.png
Real Name Carol Susan Jane Danvers
Team Avengers
Voiced By Danielle Nicolet
Starting Attributes
Final Attributes
Defensive Statistics (Level 1-60)
Offensive Statistics (Level 1-60)
Price(G) ??
Price(ES) ??
Costume Core ??

When former Air Force pilot Carol Danvers was caught in the explosion of an alien Kree device, her genetic structure was radically reshaped. Boasting powers of flight, super-strength, and energy manipulation, she became the super hero Ms. Marvel. Carol soon joined the Avengers, and despite some personal challenges she has served as a stalwart member of that team several times over the years.

WIKI EDITOR NOTE: CHARACTER HAS NOT YET RECEIVED HER LEVEL 52 UPDATE/REVIEW. As such, this information is very likely outdated. Page will be updated after character's scheduled level 52 Review.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Statistics for rank 1 skills.

Icon Name Type Description Unlock Level Damage type Damage Rate of Fire Effect Spirit Cost
Mighty punch.jpg Mighty Punch Melee, Basic Power Pummel enemies in front of you. 1 Physical 31-46 2.1
Roundhouse kick.jpg Roundhouse Kick Melee Launch a roundhouse kick that knocks back enemies. 4 Physical 65-98 1.7 10
Photon punch.jpg Photon Punch Melee, Basic Power Smash the enemies with energy-charged fists. 10 Energy 80-121 1.8 Deals 80% of the damage from Mighty Punch
Kree toughtness.jpg Kree Toughness Passive Your hybrid physique lets you shrug off damage. 14 +10 Defense
Uppercut blast.jpg Uppercut Blast Melee Knock an enemy into the air with a punch, then knock that enemy with a blast of cosmic energy. 18 Physical
0.5 20
Defiant escape.jpg Defiant Escape Break all negative conditions locking you in place. Spend photonic energy to briefly become immune to those conditions. 20 Duration: 1.5 seconds 15
Cosmic haymaker.jpg Cosmic Haymaker Melee Deliver a titanic punch that stuns your enemies. 24 Physical 569-854 0.8 Stun Duration: 1 seconds 10
Icon Name Type Description Unlock Level Damage type Damage Rate of Fire Effect Spirit Cost Photonic Energy Cost
Photonic Blast Fire a beam of energy that explodes upon striking the first enemy in its path. 1 Energy 28-67 1.7 10
Energy Absorption Passive You convert some incoming energy damage into spirit to fuel your powers. 1 Restore 1 spirit
Photonic Wave Blast enemies in front of you with a surge of cosmic energy. 3 Energy 32-76 1.7 36 10
Photonic Defense Hold down the hotkey to defend yourself from attacks from the front. 6 Damage Resisted: 80.0% 20
Stellar Beam Fire a coruscating beam of cosmic energy that blasts all enemies in its path. 12 Energy 55-129 1.7 15
Photonic Regeneration Channel your cosmic might to slowly heal your injuries.
Spend photonic energy to instantly regain additional health.
20 Heal: 508 Health over 5 seconds
Instant Heal: 508 Health
20 20
Photonic Devastation Area Power Hold down the hotkey to fire a destructive beam of cosmic energy that blasts all enemies in its path. 26 Energy 159-373 per second 20
5 per second
Stellar Flare Hold down the hotkey to boost your defense while challenging nearby enemies to attack you.
Release the hotkey to create a massive explosion of cosmic energy.
30 Energy 256-597 +15 Defense 29
Icon Name Type Description Unlock Level Damage type Damage Rate of Fire Effect Spirit Cost
Flying Lunge Melee Surge into the fray, knocking down all enemies in your path. 2 Physical 19-28 15
Cruising Altitude Hold down the hotkey to fly above enemies and obstacles. 8 30% Move Speed increase 10 per second
Evasive Blast Jump away from combat and fire a photonic blast that slows an enemy. 16 Energy 91-214 Slow: 20% move/attack speed 20
Warbird Charge Melee Charge forward, knocking back all enemies in your path. 22 Physical 54-81 24
Crashdown Strike Fly up and smash down in the middle of enemies, knocking them down. 28 Energy 112-386 30

Gear[edit | edit source]

Costumes[edit | edit source]

Ms. Marvel modern.png Ms. Marvel classic.png Ms. Marvel agent of sword.png Ms. Marvel captain marvel.png Ms. Marvel binary.png
Modern Classic Agent of S.W.O.R.D. Captain Marvel Binary
Ms marvel warbird.png Ms marvel dexter soy.png Ms marvel marvell.png
Warbird Dexter Soy Enhanced MarVell

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