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Real Name Frank Castle
Voiced By Marc Worden
Starting Attributes
Final Attributes
Defensive Statistics (Level 1-60)
Health 300
Spirit 100
Defense 0
Physical Defense 0
Energy Defense 0
Mental Defense 0
Dodge Rating 0+0%
Tenacity 250
Offensive Statistics (Level 1-60)
Attack Speed +1%
Critical Rating 0%
Critical Damage 150%+0

Price(G) ??
Price(ES) 400
Costume Core ??

A picnic in the park turned to tragedy when Frank Castle's family was shot by mobsters. The only survivor of the brutal execution, Castle decided to avenge his family by taking the law into his own hands.

Castle's extensive military training and total lack of remorse make him an extremely efficient vigilante. Armed with military-grade weaponry, Castle is prepared to continue his bloody work until every criminal alive has been punished.

WIKI EDITOR NOTE: CHARACTER HAS NOT YET RECEIVED HIS LEVEL 52 UPDATE/REVIEW. As such, this information is very likely outdated. Page will be updated after character's scheduled level 52 Review.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Statistics for rank 1 skills.

Icon Name Type Description Unlock Level Damage type Damage Attack Speed Effect Spirit Cost
RifleShot.png Rifle Shot Basic Power, Fighting Power Fire a shot that damages the first enemy in its path. 1 Physical 21-32 Rate of Fire: 3.3 per second Synergy: +3% damage/point Shotgun Blast, Impact Shot
DrivenbyVengeance.png Driven by Vengeance Passive Power Your power occasionally cost vengeance instead of costing spirit. 1 Activation Chance: 25%
DeadlyBarrage.png Deadly Barrage Hold down the hotkey to fire a continuous stream of bullets. 1 Physical 37-56 per second Synergy: +3% damage/point Armor-Piercing Shot 20 per second
Armor-PiercingShot.png Armor-Piercing Shot Fighting Power Fire a shot that pierces all enemies in it's path. Hold down the hotkey to increase damage.
Spend Vengeance to temporarily reduce each target's resistance to physical attacks.
ShotgunBlast.png Shotgun Blast Basic Power Blast enemies in front of you. 10 615-688 2.9 per second
LockandLoad.png Lock and Load Regain some spirit.
Spend vengeance to double the spirit regained.
ImpactShot.png Impact Shot Basic Power, Fighting Power Fire a powerful shot that knocks back an enemy. 20
FlechetteBlast.png Flechette Blast Basic Power Blast enemies with shrapnel, causing them to bleed. 30
Icon Name Type Description Unlock Level Damage type Damage Attack Speed Effect Spirit Cost
Steel-ToedKick.png Steel-Toed Kick Fighting Power Put your boot into enemies in front of you, knocking them back. 2 1121-1239 1.2 per second
QuickEscape.png Quick Escape Fighting Power Roll out of combat, stunning enemies in your path. 3 524-591
PainTolerance.png Pain Tolerance Passive Power Pain don't hurt. 10
KillerInstinct.png Killer Instinct Passive Power Deal extra damage to enemies who aren't attacking you and gain vengeance when striking fear into the hearts of your enemies. 18
Cold-BloodedCrusader.png Cold-Blooded Crusader Passive Power When you defeat an enemy, other nearby enemies may flee in fear. 20
CombatLunge.png Combat Lunge Fighting Power Lunge into combat, stunning all enemies near the end of your movement. 24
ShowNoMercy.png Show No Mercy Fighting Power Ruthlessly stab an enemy that is stunned or knocked down. 28
Icon Name Type Description Unlock Level Damage type Damage Attack Speed Effect Spirit Cost
ExplosiveRocket.png Explosive Rocket Launch a rocket that explodes when it hits an enemy. 4
FlashbangGrenade.png Flashbang Grenade Launch a grenade that stuns enemies in the area of its blast. 8
ProximityMine.png Proximity Mine Mine Power Throw a bomb that explodes when an enemy approaches it. 12
PunishTheGuilty.png Punish The Guilty Attach a bomb to an enemy, who flees in fear until the bomb explodes. 16
ChemicalMine.png Chemical Mine Mine Power Throw a bomb that explodes when an enemy approaches it, slowing and weakening each enemy in the blast. 22
StickyMine.png Sticky Mine Mine Power Throw a bomb that explodes when an enemy approaches it, trapping each enemy in sticky glue. 26
FlamethrowerBlast.png Flamethrower Blast Hold down to the hotkey to spray enemies in front of you with lingering fire. 30
Ultimate Power
Icon Name Type Description Unlock Level Damage type Damage Attack Speed Effect Spirit Cost
GrimRetribution.png Grim Retribution Activate when low on health or defeated to rise up with a mighty vengeance that terrifies your enemies. 30

Gear[edit | edit source]

Costumes[edit | edit source]

Punisher modern.png Punisher classic.png Punisher trenchcoat.png Punisher wartorn.png Punisher marvelNOW.png
Modern Classic Trench Coat War Torn Marvel NOW!
Punisher frankencastle.png Punisher noir.png Punisher omega effect.png Punisher war journal.png
Frankencastle Noir Omega Effect War Journal

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