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Real Name Peter Parker
Voiced By Drake Bell,

Christopher Daniel Barnes

Starting Attributes
Final Attributes
Defensive Statistics (Level 1-60)
Health 340
Spirit 100
Defense 0
Physical Defense 0
Energy Defense 0
Mental Defense 0
Dodge Rating 0+10%
Tenacity 250
Offensive Statistics (Level 1-60)
Attack Speed +1%
Critical Rating 0%
Critical Damage 150%+0

Price(G) ???
Price(ES) ???
Costume Core ???

When he was bitten by a radioactive spider, high-school student Peter Parker gained a suite of powers reminiscent of a spider, including agility, wall-crawling, and the ability to sense danger (his trademark "spider-sense"). When Peter learned that his beloved Uncle Ben had been murdered by a thief that Peter himself had selfishly allowed to escape, he realized that with his new powers also came a new obligation of responsibility to use them for good. Since that day, Spider-Man has fought criminals and super-villains while enduring a constant barrage of negative press, a stream of personal losses, and the occasional crisis of confidence. Somehow he manages to maintain a positive attitude, and rarely lacks for a humorous quip when battling bad guys.

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Skills[edit | edit source]

Statistics for rank 1 skills.

Name Type Description Unlock Level Damage Type Attack Speed Spirit Cost Extra Effects
Spider Strike Basic Power, Fighting Power, Melee Power Quickly strike enemies in front of you. 1 Physical 2.7 0 + critical rating for this power
Web Yank Ranged, Fighting, Web Power Pull enemies towards you with your web, then punch them. 1 Physical Cooldown: 0.8 seconds 19 None
Amazing Uppercut Fighting, Melee power Launch an enemy into the air with a single punch. 6 Physical 1.3 17 Knock up
Webswing Attack Movement,Fighting, Melee Power Webswing out with a sensational kick, breaking free from all crowd control effects, then stunning all enemies in your path. After the webswing, you are immune to crowd control for a short duration. 12 Physical Not Applicable 14.2 Immunity to crowd control effects; stun on enemies
Spider To The Fly Passive Power Your efficiency at dispatching enemies caught in your web is amazing. 22 Not Applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable +critical rating; + brutal strike rating; +50% melee damage to Webbed targets
Amazing Smash Signature, Web, Movement, Area, Melee Power Leap into the air, dodging attacks while spinning a mighty ball of webbing, then smash it into your enemies to immobilize them. 30 Physical 1 minute Cooldown None Immobilize enemies for a duration; 100% dodge chance for a duration
Spidey Pummel Basic, Fighting, Melee Power Pummel enemies using Spidey's superior agility. 32 Physical 2.5 None +15% extra damage to bosses, elites, and champions
Web Wrecking Ball Movement, Area, Fighting, Melee, Web Power Create a giant wrecking ball of webs, and spin through enemies 47 Physical Channeled power 19 per second Not Applicable

Name Type Description Unlock Level Damage type Attack Speed Spirit Cost Extra Effects
Web Spray Web, Ranged, Area Power Fill an area with sticky webbing that briefly immobilizes, slows enemies, lower their defenses. 1 Effect and Area Duration: 5 seconds Not Applicable 10 Lowers move speed; makes enemies more vulnerable to attacks; enemies hit by this power are considered webbed.
Web Shot Web, Basic, Fighting, Ranged Power Shoot a ball of webbing that damages the first enemy in its path. 3 Physical 2.1 None Enemies hit by this power are considered webbed
Stick Around Web, Ranged, Area Power Fills the area with sticky webbing that stuns the enemies in it. 8 Physical 1.0 25 Stuns enemies; enemies hit by this power are considered webbed.
Web Barrage Web, Ranged Power Hold down the hotkey to fire a continuous barrage of Web bullets. 14 Physical 6.4 (increases with ranks) 2 per bullet Enemies hit by this power are considered webbed.
Evasive Websling Web, Movement, Ranged, Area Power Jump away from combat and fire webs that damage enemies. 18 Physical Not Applicable 12 Enemies hit are immobilized; enemies hit by this power are considered webbed.
Impact Webbing Web, Basic, Fighting, Ranged Power Shoot a ball of webbing that explodes on impact, damaging groups of enemies with a chance to immobilize them. 24 Physical 1.9 None 50% chance to immobilize enemy for 1 second; enemies hit by this power are considered webbed.
Corrosive Web Fluid Passive Power Add an acidic formula to your webbing, allowing you web based powers to also deal lingering corrosive damage. 28 Energy Not Applicable Not Applicable Energy Damage twice per second; debuff duration 5 seconds (refreshes everytime you use another web power); bonus damage to enemies the further away they are
Web 'Em All Web, Ranged, Area Power Hold down the hotkey to fire a line of sticky webbing, immobilizing and damaging all enemies in its path. 37 Physical Channeled Power 10 per second Physical damage twice per second; immobilize enemies for 3 seconds; enemies hit by this power are considered webbed.
Wall Crawler
Name Type Description Unlock Level Damage type Attack Speed Spirit Cost Extra Effects
Spider-Sense Passive Power Your spider sense gives you uncanny awareness of nearby enemies, allowing you to avoid their attacks and retaliate. 1 Physical Not Applicable Not Applicable Adds dodge rating; adds projectile evasion; adds a percentage to your total dodge chance; you do physical damage to enemies when you dodge their melee attacks.
Web Zipline Movement, Fighting, Melee Power Pull yourself forward using a web zipline, knocking down all enemies in your path and gaining a brief burst of speed. 1 Physical Not Applicable 10 Knock down enemies who've been hit for some time; gain an attack and movement speed boost for some time.
Superior Agility Passive Power Improve your already impressive agility - becoming harder to snare, quicker on your feet, and your attacks more fluid. 4 Not Applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable Increases your tenacity; your movement speed; and your attack speed.
Web Swinging Movement, Flight Power Hold down the hotkey to swing above enemies and obstacles. 10 Not Applicable +30% move speed at Rank 1 (when using the power) 10 per second Passively increases movement speed.
Leaping Assault Movement, Area, Melee Power Leap into the air, then charge into enemies to knock them down. 16 Physical Cooldown: 0.8 seconds 30 Enemies that are hit are knocked down; enemies hit by this power are considered webbed.
Infuriating Humor Area, Passive Power Embarrass nearby enemies with a sharp witted insult that weakens and taunts them. 26 Not Applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable Active: Weakens and taunts enemies for some time; Passive: Increases damage rating against targets attacking you.
Deflective Web Shield Web Power Spin a shield of webbing that protects you from damage and deflects projectiles. 42 Not Applicable Cooldown: 15 seconds Active: Adds defense rating, bonus percentage to total defense rating, projectile deflection chance, and health regeneration for 10 seconds; Passive: Adds defense rating.

Name Description Unlock Level Damage type Damage at Rank 1 Buffs Buff Duration Cooldown
Maximum Spider Cover the area around you in a giant web that stuns and immobilizes all enemies inside. Then explode in a blur of motion, beating down the foes that are caught in you web. Enemies affected by this power are considered webbed. 52 Physical 1299 twice per second + Damage Rating, Critical Strike Rating, Brutal Strike Rating, and Health Regeneration 15 seconds 10 minutes

Gear[edit | edit source]

Costumes[edit | edit source]

Spider-Man modern.png Spider-Man classic.png Spider-Man bigtime.png Spider-Man bigtime green.png SpiderMan BigTimeBlue.png
Modern Classic Big Time Big Time (Green Variant) Big Time (Blue Variant)
Spider-Man sensational.png Spider-Man scarletspider.png Spider-Man future foundation.png Spider-Man symbiote.png SpiderMan EndsOfTheEarth.png
Sensational Spider-Man Scarlet Spider Future Foundation Symbiote Ends of the Earth
SpiderMan Superior.png Spiderman amazing bag.png Spiderman back in black.png Spiderman noir.png
Superior Spider-Man Amazing Bag Back in Black Noir

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