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Real Name James "Logan" Howlett
Team X-Men
Voiced By Steve Blum
Starting Attributes
Final Attributes
Defensive Statistics (Level 1-60)
Offensive Statistics (Level 1-60)
Price(G) ??
Price(ES) ??
Costume Core ??

The man called Logan had already lived a long and violent life when he was kidnapped from his black ops team by a secret government program called Weapon X. In a high-tech lab deep in the Canadian Rockies, scientists bonded the unbreakable metal adamantium to Logan's bones, relying on his mutant healing factor to keep the experiment from killing him.

But Logan escaped the Weapon X program, and before too long drew the attention of Professor Charles Xavier, who recruited him to the X-Men as Wolverine. Despite the objections of those who saw him as more trouble than he was worth, Xavier saw Logan's inner nobility.

Wolverine constantly fights to keep his savage berserker side in check, but no matter how hard he tries, it's usually just a matter of time before he pops his claws and goes to work.

WIKI EDITOR NOTE: CHARACTER HAS NOT YET RECEIVED HIS LEVEL 52 UPDATE/REVIEW. As such, this information is very likely outdated. Page will be updated after character's scheduled level 52 Review.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Statistics for rank 1 skills.

Icon Name Type Description Unlock Level Damage type Damage Attack Speed Effect Spirit Cost Rank 2
Wolverine QuickSlash.png Quick Slash Melee, Basic Power Slash enemies in front of you with your razor sharp claws. 1 Physical 27-40 3.6 Synergy: +2.5% damage/point in other basic powers 36-54 damage
48px Rending Sweep Fighting Power Violently swing your adamantium claws to damage enemies around you. 4 Physical
48px Bloody Slash Basic Power, Fighting Power Deliver bleeding wounds to enemies in front of you. 10 Physical
48px Bloody-Hungry Sweep Fighting Power Rend enemies around you with your claws. Deals double damage to bleeding targets. 10
48px Slashing Leap Fighting Power Leap to a location, slicing enemies around you with your claws when you land, opening up bleeding wounds on those foes. 14 Physical
48px Hack 'n' Slash Basic Power, Fighting Power Slash at enemies with your claws, generating double fury with every hit and crit. 20 Physical
48px I'm the Best There Is Fighting Power Rake your claws across a nearby enemy. Deals double damage to bleeding targets. 30 Physical
Icon Name Type Description Unlock Level Damage type Damage Attack Speed Effect Spirit Cost Rank 2
48px Eviscerate Fighting Power Spend all your fury to knock down and damage nearby enemies. 1 Physical 53-79 per fury 2.1 63-94 damage per fury
48px Brutal Slash Fighting Power Deliver a brutal claw swipe that deals damage based on fury spent. 3
48px Cage the Beast Quell your raging soul. Spend 1 fury to gain spirit. 12
48px Unleash the Beast Unleash your feral rage, converting spirit into fury. 22
48px Berserker Fury Spend all remaining fury to enter a berserk state that is extended with each enemy defeat. 26
Weapon X

Icon Name Type Description Unlock Level Damage type Damage Attack Speed Effect Spirit Cost Rank 2
48px Healing Factor Passive Power Your mutant healing factor allows you to regain health more quickly. 1 Regenerate 180 health per minute; Regenerate 1 health when hitting with a basic power. Regenerate 360 health per minute; Regenerate 2 health when hitting with a basic power.
48px Furious Lunge Movement Power, Fighting Power Lunge into combat with claws outstretched, knocking down all enemies in your path. 3 Physical 36-54 Knockdown Duration: 1.1 seconds 20 46-69 damage, Knockdown duration: 1.2 seconds
48px Adrenaline Rush Tap into your savage nature to move quickly across the battlefield. 6
48px Feral Senses Passive Power Your keen animal senses reveal nearby enemies and allow you critically strike more often. 8
48px Regeneration Boost Tap into your healing factor to regain health. 16
48px Feral Growl Snarl at enemies around you, stunning them in terror. 18
48px Adamantium Skeleton Passive Power Your heavy, unbreakable skeleton allows you to resist negative conditions and damage. 20
48px Can't Keep Me Down Shake off negative conditions preventing movement. 24
48px Bloody Victory Passive Power Revel in an enemy's defeat to regain some health. Deal extra damage after critically hitting an enemy. 28
Icon Name Type Description Unlock Level Damage type Damage Attack Speed Effect Spirit Cost
48px Savage Recovery Activate this power when low on health or defeated to rise up with renewed ferocity, shaking of all negative conditions. 30

Gear[edit | edit source]

Costumes[edit | edit source]

Wolverine modern.png Wolverine x-force.png Wolverine brown.png Wolverine patch.png Wolverine leather fang.png
Modern X-Force Classic Brown Patch Leather Fang
Wolverine DaysOfFuturePast.png Wolverine xmen.png Wolverine weaponx.png Wolverine ronin.png Wolverine brood.png
Days of Future Past X-Men Uniform Weapon-X Ronin Brood
Wolverine enemy of the state.png Wolverine fear itself.png Wolverine old man logan.png Wolverine NOW.png
Enemy of the State Fear Itself Old Man Logan Marvel NOW!

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